Goku Black Now Wields His Scythe in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 After 7 Years

The new Ultra Supervillain version of the character in the Future Saga DLC finally fixes that. Fans have been begging for this fix to be made for years, so it looks like Goku Black is going to get a big boost in popularity. That includes Dragon Ball games such as Xenoverse and FighterZ, although it’s fair to say that his appearance in the former wasn’t quite as beloved as it could have been.

What makes Goku Black not having his scythe even worse is that he actually has an empty skill slot that isn’t used by another ability. Surely that would be where the scythe shows up? Well, it only took seven years, but Xenoverse 2 has finally addressed Goku Black’s biggest flaw… kind of.

Beyond giving him a new look, it also adds some new moves for the beloved villain. It’s not clear right now if it’s a special ability or part of his regular combos, but it hardly matters when we’re finally getting a version of the character with such a popular move. Now we just need some of those special skills to be given to the normal version of the character, and we’ll all be happy.

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