Suicide Squad’s Steam Player Count Falls Behind Marvel’s Avengers

First spotted by Windows Central, there was a brief moment earlier today in which Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League had a smaller concurrent player count than fellow superhero live-service disappointment Marvel’s Avengers. If you check the game’s player stats on SteamDB, you can see that Suicide Squad’s current players dropped to a pretty dismal 118 at 11am UTC. We don’t know what the game’s player count is like on consoles, though it’s difficult to imagine it faring any better, since it’s a premium title that cost $70 at launch. With so few players, it’s going to be difficult for Rocksteady and Warner Bros. to justify spending so much time, effort, and money to create post-launch content that less than a thousand people are actually going to play.

Suicide Squad will have its ardent defenders, as pretty much every live service title does, but Warner Bros. has done a fantastic job of keeping away any potential returning players with the scuffed launch of Season 1. We’ll see slight bumps in players upon the launch of each new season, no matter how small they may be, but the days of thousands of players flocking to Suicide Squad are pretty much over. Rocksteady must surely be ready to move onto whatever it has planned next, rather than support a game that’s already on its last legs, but we can only wait and see whether the developer sticks to its word and delivers one year’s worth of free post-launch DLC. Don’t be surprised if Warner Bros. decides to just pull the plug though.

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