Good Smile debuts the first Shadow The Hedgehog Nendoroid in exciting reveal.

Good Smile has unveiled the first look at the Shadow Nendoroid, featuring the figure in a familiar pose with its fist clenched, offering a glimpse of what’s to come. The release of more images, as well as potential pricing and pre-order details, is expected on the Good Smile site at 8:15 pm EST today (Friday). However, additional images of the figure have already surfaced on social media ahead of the official release.

Tails’ Channel has revealed extra pictures of the Shadow Nendoroid, confirming that the figure will include interchangeable pieces. Notably, Shadow’s clenched fist can be swapped for a hand holding a red Chaos Emerald, and his menacing look can be changed to a more enraged expression, possibly due to someone taking his Chaos Emerald. One of the images also shows Shadow alongside Good Smile’s Sonic Nendoroid, with Sonic being the first character from the series to receive a Nendoroid, followed by Tails and Knuckles.

Following this, the focus shifts to the recent Tubbz drop from Sega, which surprisingly did not feature Shadow prominently. While this may not be entirely unexpected, given that Shadow already has both a normal-sized and miniature Tubbz rubber duck, characters like Espio, Silver, and Rouge received their first Tubbz ducks this week. The article concludes with a note about affiliate and sponsored partnerships, clarifying that TheGamer may receive a share of revenue from recommended purchases without affecting the price paid by consumers, thus supporting the provision of product recommendations.

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