The Crew’s Open World Reopens After Shutdown

The Crew Unlimited is continuing its mission to make The Crew completely playable offline. Recently, it reached a significant milestone. A new video has revealed that The Crew Unlimited has made the game’s open world explorable again, showcasing gameplay for the first time since the shutdown. Several systems have been tweaked and are almost up and running, including the game’s HQ and an improved Smart Loot system.

The Crew Unlimited has reached a massive milestone in their mission to make the game playable offline, having now made the entire open world explorable once again. Every time a game is delisted, taken offline, or abandoned by its developers, passionate fans often try to keep the game alive. The Crew Unlimited is one such group, aiming to make the game playable again after Ubisoft shut down the servers and began revoking the title from Ubisoft Connect accounts. The servers shutting down was a death sentence for the title, but The Crew Unlimited is doing its best to restore the game.

Earlier this year, the fans at The Crew Unlimited managed to get into the game’s main menu, and progress has been rapid since then. In a new YouTube video announced earlier, The Crew Unlimited has made the game’s open world explorable for the first time after the shutdown, demonstrating their achievement with a brief road trip. The video showcases the player driving from Detroit to Black Hills, passing through various locations such as Michigan State Forests, Chicago, and Dairy Land. The project has also shared more details on ResetEra.

The Crew Unlimited has fully rewritten the game’s Smart Loot system that will work with the car’s level and drop cosmetic items if the car is at max level. The game’s HQ is also almost working, allowing players to customize existing cars and buy new ones. The progress made by The Crew Unlimited is impressive, considering the limited access to the game just a couple of months ago. Hopefully, The Crew Unlimited will continue advancing with their project and resurrect The Crew from the dead.

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