Gortash Handsome Debate Settled by Baldur’s Gate 3 Writer

John Corcoran, a writer for Baldur’s Gate 3, recently shared a meme that sheds light on why the character Gortash is described as a “handsome younger man,” despite not fitting the conventional standards of attractiveness. It turns out that when Corcoran wrote that line, he hadn’t seen the concept art for Gortash, which explains the discrepancy and provides a humorous answer to a longstanding question in the fandom. While some fans find Gortash appealing, others argue that characters like Orin and Ketheric are more aesthetically pleasing. Nevertheless, Gortash has his own fanbase, and his looks or personality seem to resonate with certain players.

This discussion stemmed from fans requesting a romance option involving Gortash in the next game update, but unfortunately, Larian has confirmed that such a storyline will not be included. As for the upcoming patch, it appears that it will introduce new cutscenes, showing scenarios such as becoming the Absolute and controlling the world, as well as delving into the Dark Urge storyline with its dark and eerie imagery.

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