Tim Cain, Creator of Fallout, Doesn’t Mind the TV Show’s Lore Changes

Every single Fallout game changed a little about the games that came before – it’s always happened. Fallout is cherished by the majority, while a minority of fans are unhappy with the new lore changes in the TV show.

Tim Cain, the creator of Fallout, has weighed in on the debate, expressing the belief that lore changes are inevitable in franchises like Fallout. He compares Fallout to the likes of Star Wars and Marvel, stating that maintaining an established canon and lore is extremely challenging.

The first season of Fallout has been well-received by most fans, with eight episodes that some consider to be a unique sequel to the game series. However, there are a specific group of fans who are displeased with some of the changes made in the show, particularly regarding the NCR and the canon status of Fallout: New Vegas.

In a review of the show on his personal YouTube channel, Tim Cain shared his perspective on lore changes, emphasizing that the drift in lore for a big franchise like Fallout is “inevitable.” He also pointed out that Fallout has a history of slightly altering the lore with each new release, and it shouldn’t be surprising that the TV show has followed suit.

Cain likened Fallout to Star Wars and Marvel in terms of how certain elements of lore have evolved over time. He mentioned the introduction of Midi-chlorians in The Phantom Menace as an example, stating that despite initial bafflement as a Star Wars fan, he had to get used to it.

He also highlighted the difficulty of establishing and maintaining lore in a massive series like Fallout, acknowledging that “sequels are hard” to create. When there are over half a dozen titles in a series spanning over 200 years of history, it is inevitable for things to be slightly altered in a new game or TV show set in that universe.

Finally, Cain encouraged fans of the series to enjoy discussing the lore and the easter eggs, but to do so respectfully and without hurling abuse at anyone. He concluded by expressing anticipation for Season 2 of the show.

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