Heartbreaking Memories in “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth” Section Bring Strong Emotions

Kiryu explores his best memories and invites us to stop and smell the roses. Playing Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, unlocks various parts of the menu. The Sujimon League and Dondoko Island are two notable features that open up as you progress through the game. The notebook section, where you can relive Kiryu’s memories and cross off his bucket list, becomes accessible in Chapter 8.

These memories are integral to the game’s overall themes, emphasizing kindness, romance, and leaving a legacy behind. They also touch upon Kiryu’s battle with cancer, reflecting on the meaningful moments of his life. The game highlights the importance of memories and the impact one leaves behind, portraying dying as a march, and a chance to inspire goodness in others. The memories also serve as a farewell, with Ichiban ready to forge a new future as the torch is passed on.

The game doesn’t merely focus on what Kiryu remembers, but rather delves into the art of memory itself and why it’s important to live a rich life. Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth continues Ichiban Kasuga’s story, featuring turn-based combat and taking the protagonist outside of Japan for the first time.

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