Where are Wildlife Sanctuaries Located in Palworld?

In Palworld, you’ll encounter numerous Pals that are unique and strong. Though some are fairly common, you can find rare ones as Alpha Bosses. The standard variants of these Pals are usually located in only a few places, which are quite remote. Finding them and capturing them will require preparation.

Find the Tower of The Free Pal Alliance and beat Lily and Lyleen in Palworld! You can’t simply wander out of your base to find all the most rare Pals. Instead, you’ll have to venture to the far corners of the Palpagos Islands with only the best Spheres to capture your new Pals. Of course, you’ll need to be careful as a warm welcome does not await you.

Palworld is in Early Access, so details are subject to change. We’ll update our guides as needed. What Are Wildlife Sanctuaries? Wildlife Sanctuaries are unique locations in the Palpagos Islands that house rare and strong Pals.

These places are guarded by the PIDF, and entering these areas is considered trespassing. You’ll have to have a flying or swimming mount to reach the Wildlife Sanctuaries, as they are far from the main islands and are completely surrounded by water. You’ll need to come prepared with your own strong Pals and plenty of high level Spheres to capture the Pals that are located in the Wildlife Sanctuaries. It’s also a good idea to be stealthy, as you don’t want to raise your Wanted level on a remote island with no way off.

To reach the first Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ll want to head to the Sea Breeze Archipelago Castaway Beach fast travel point. From there, grab your flying mount and head due east. You’ll be flying to the middle of the ocean, towards the structure jutting out of the water. The coordinates are 95, -729.

The first Wildlife Sanctuary has a variety of Pals you can find: Penking, Vaelet, Elphidran, Azurobe, Petallia, Grizzbolt. Where To Find No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary: To reach the second Wildlife Sanctuary, fast travel to the Ruined Fortress City and head north. You can also travel to the Forgotten Island and fly west to reach the sanctuary.

The coordinates are -662, -116. The following are Pals you can find at the sanctuary: Incineram Noct, Verdash, Kingpaca, Wumpo Botan, Warsect, Quivern, Menasting, Jormuntide Ignis. Where To Find No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary: To reach the third Wildlife Sanctuary, fast travel to the Deep Sand Dunes and fly east.

This is the most difficult to reach since you have to travel to the far edge of the desert, and the Pals here are immensely strong. The coordinates are 665, 645. The following Pals can be found at this sanctuary.

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