Nitro Decks now available for less than $50 on Amazon

The Nitro Deck is a handheld Switch accessory that also functions as a pro controller, available at a reduced price through CRKD. This third-party accessory is designed to replace Joy-Cons, providing a more comfortable handheld gaming experience and offering new features not found in the base console. The Nitro Deck includes back buttons that can be customized, and its creators claim that there is no risk of stick drift, a common issue with the Switch.

It also has the ability to charge the Switch while in use. The Nitro Deck Black Edition is currently priced at $46, reduced from $60, and can be used as a pro controller when the console is docked. Additionally, the Nitro Deck comes in a limited edition purple version, which is inspired by the color scheme of the GameCube and includes a carry case.

This edition is available for $70, down from $90. It’s important to note that the Nitro Deck has its own range of cases, as it won’t fit in regular Switch cases. These discounted prices are available on Amazon for the black and white versions of the Nitro Deck, while the purple limited edition is also available with a carry case.

Despite the impending release of a new Nintendo console, the current sale offers a great opportunity to enhance the Switch gaming experience with these accessories.

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