Helldivers 2 Won’t Include Melee Weapons, Despite Some Fans’ Wishes

The developers at Arrowhead are known for being responsive to the feedback and requests from their audience. They have the flexibility and motivation to implement changes outside of a rigid seasonal structure. Community manager Twinbeard has hinted that melee weapons could be a possibility in future updates, but they would need to fit within the game’s world and lore.

However, the idea of adding melee weapons to Helldivers 2 is met with skepticism by some. It is argued that in a game where players are often overwhelmed by swarms of enemies, melee weapons may not be very effective. Additionally, there is a concern that realistic and lore-friendly weapons are prioritized in the game.

Existing weapons in Helldivers 2 are mostly modern-day battlefield weapons, with some sci-fi additions. The concept of adding melee weapons is interesting, but some doubt their effectiveness in the game’s context. There is curiosity about whether Arrowhead could make these weapons fun and practical to use, particularly in specific mission scenarios where close combat is more prevalent.

Ultimately, the potential addition of melee weapons to Helldivers 2 sparks discussion and anticipation among the community, with some questioning their practicality and others expressing curiosity about how they might be implemented.

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