Todd Howard confirms Fallout: New Vegas’s canonicity amidst the TV show’s criticism.

The Fallout series has confirmed that New Vegas and all other Fallout games are part of the series’ canon, including Shady Sands being nuked after its fall in 2277. This has addressed concerns about the status of New Vegas within the series’ continuity.

There has been a wave of backlash and speculation from fans online about how the Fallout show contradicts New Vegas, with many claiming that the series is working to erase Obsidian’s work. However, Todd Howard has clarified that the Fallout show captures New Vegas’ essence and that the events in the previous games, including New Vegas, are all part of the canon.

Some fans have questioned the show’s portrayal of the “Fall of Shady Sands” happening in 2277, as it conflicts with the timeline presented in New Vegas which takes place in 2281. Howard has clarified that the reference to 2277 indicates the downfall of Shady Sands, not its destruction, which occurred “just after” the events of New Vegas.

Therefore, the timeline in the show does not contradict the events of the games. Additionally, the show’s depiction of the state of New Vegas has sparked controversy among fans, with concerns about its disrepair.

However, the show is set 15 years after the events of New Vegas, leaving room for explanations about the city’s current state, and whether it aligns with the game’s events. In conclusion, Todd Howard has reassured fans that the Fallout show remains faithful to the series’ lore, and that the events in New Vegas and the previous games are all considered canon within the Fallout universe.

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