Helldivers 2’s Latest Update Nerfs Shield Backpacks for Energy Weapon Users

The latest patch for Helldivers 2 has brought about a significant change affecting shield backpack users. Energy weapon shots are now bouncing back at the player from inside the Shield Generator Backpack.

A viral video on Twitter has illustrated this change, with a player unintentionally blowing themselves up with a Punisher Plasma. Reaction to the change has been mixed, with some acknowledging the logic behind it while others are expressing dissatisfaction with more nerfs.

The patch includes various tweaks to weapons, increased difficulty for solo players, and general balance changes, but it seems there was an undocumented nerf to the Shield Generator Backpack. Recent footage shared on Twitter demonstrates the impact of this change, posing a significant challenge for Energy Weapon users.

The recorded video shows a player unleashing a Punisher Plasma without issues, only to have subsequent shots bounce off the shield and harm the player. It appears that the latest patch ensures the shield backpack deflects energy weapon shots not only from outside the shield but from inside as well.

Opinions among Helldivers 2 players are mixed regarding this nerf to the Shield Backpack. Some commend the developer for maintaining gameplay consistency, while others criticize the change, arguing that it worsens the game.

Despite the mixed reactions, the discovery does not significantly alter the game experience and simply requires players to choose a different weapon. As a precautionary measure, it is advisable not to use a Punisher Plasma with the shield backpack.

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