Todd Howard, Director of Starfield, announces release window for Shattered Space DLC.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard has revealed that Starfield’s Shattered Space story DLC is set to release this Fall. Although a specific release date has not been given, it is confirmed that the DLC will launch in 2024, unless there are any delays. Additionally, Howard mentioned that a smaller update for Starfield, featuring ship building and city map tweaks, will be announced later in the week.

This announcement comes after a prolonged period without official updates on the Shattered Space story DLC, which was first revealed before the game’s launch last September. Howard shared this information in an interview on the Kinda Funny Gamescast. The release window for the Shattered Space DLC was revealed during this interview at the 35-minute mark.

In the same interview, Howard also confirmed that a regular update for Starfield will be announced later this week. He hinted at significant additions to the ship-building aspect of the game and some improvements to the city maps to enhance navigation. Considering Howard’s previous statement about the upcoming update containing “really good” content, the community eagerly anticipates the announcement this week.

These updates will serve to enhance the base game and bridge the gap until the release of the Shattered Space DLC. As an alternative, players can engage with the expanding modding community for Starfield, which is becoming increasingly impressive. A recent noteworthy mod called the Galactic Colonies Expanse introduces “DLC sized” content, including new systems such as farming and giant mechs, offering players additional content and experiences within the game.

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