Indie Developer Ludipe Explains the Motivation Behind Creating Free Games

Indie developer Ludipe creates fun games and offers them for free out of love for gaming, with donations from players serving as thank you tips rather than significant revenue. Ludipe’s game, Demonology 101, is a quirky demon guessing game with a vaporwave vibe. The game was discovered at an indie games convention labeled ‘Curios’, where Ludipe’s unique and interesting games were showcased. Demonology 101 and Wax Heads, a game where players run a record store and solve the mystery of a band split, reflect Ludipe’s preference for puzzles and turn-based strategy.

The development process involves reducing the scope to maintain creativity and led to Ludipe’s strategy for creating smaller, experimental games. Demonology 101 is available for free on, with a ‘pay what you like’ system for players who wish to contribute. Ludipe acknowledges that small games like Demonology 101 are unlikely to generate significant commercial success, leading him to focus on creating games he loves rather than investing time and effort into platforms like Steam that may not yield substantial returns. Ludipe’s primary motivation is to create games that he enjoys, rather than seeking substantial monetary rewards.

He emphasizes the importance of distinct game identities and encourages game developers to explore new spaces, while acknowledging the need to balance experimentation with sustainability for business-oriented games. In addition to Demonology 101 and Wax Heads, Ludipe has also developed a physical solitaire-style card game called Dear You, inspired by bookcrossing, where books are left in public places for others to find and enjoy.

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