Starfield Unveils Land Vehicles That Can Be Driven

The May update video offered a brief look at a rover in-development. Walking from objective to objective is often slow with no way to cut across the distances any faster. However, the update hinted at the possibility of a rover that can speed along a desert planet.

Timb Lamb, the lead creative producer, mentioned that these land vehicles will allow players to drive around on multiple planets. The details on how the land vehicles will work and their customization options remain unclear. It is speculated that these vehicles might be stored in the player’s ship.

The update video also showcased a 3D model of New Atlantis and a space colony, providing a clearer perspective on the world map icons. Update 4 will introduce interior decoration for ships, allowing players to fine-tune each room and even add new ones for ship customization. Additionally, upcoming features include trait respeccing and the ability to change appearance for NG+ to add variety to each playthrough.

Starfield is set outside the Solar System, allowing players to become members of the Constellation, a collective of explorers focused on discovering new worlds.

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