Pokemon Should Officially Introduce a Roguelike Mode Now

Triple-A games like The Last of Us Part Two are incorporating roguelike modes to enhance replayability. Consequently, Pokemon could benefit from focusing on mechanics or including an official roguelike option to satisfy fans’ desire for open-world perfection.

The author shares their experience with a Pokemon roguelike game, admitting that they are not a big fan of the genre. They reached floor 180 of PokeRogue, faced the Champion, and struggled due to an imbalanced party.

Despite the defeat, the prospect of restarting the journey to face the Champion again in just 179 battles kept their motivation alive. The author expresses dissatisfaction with recent Pokemon games, criticizing technical issues, dull exploration, easy battles, and a lackluster story in the context of a traditional Pokemon experience.

They argue that this formula is growing stale, and while there have been attempts to refresh it, such as with Legends: Arceus, the latest games, Scarlet & Violet, fall short. The author argues that the focus on adding roguelike modes to games, regardless of whether it fits the game’s core concepts, is becoming common among triple-A releases.

The text then delves into the juxtaposition of implementing roguelike modes in games that prioritize narrative and thematic elements. The author questions the trend of incorporating roguelike modes into games like God of War Ragnarok, suggesting that it may be a cheap attempt to stay relevant.

They express unease about developers forcing ill-fitting trends onto their games. The text critiques the broader Pokemon franchise’s reliance on timely releases and the subsequent impact on game quality.

It suggests that Game Freak should consider paring back the scope of the games and focusing on mechanics, or even introducing a roguelike Pokemon game to cater to fans’ desires. Ultimately, the author urges Game Freak to listen to fans’ desires and consider implementing an official Pokemon roguelike, whether as a postgame option, DLC, or by enhancing existing features.

They argue that if fans can create successful fan-made versions out of passion, a billion-dollar company should at least give it a try.

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