Is The Corsair K65 Plus Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Worth Buying?

Corsair’s slimmed down K65 line of mechanical keyboards has introduced a new, stylish, and great-sounding entry. The Corsair K65 Plus Wireless, a 75% mechanical keyboard, features MLX Red switches, wireless connectivity via 2.4GHz or Bluetooth, and a multi-function rotary dial. While it is the smallest keyboard the user has owned, the initial concern of adjusting to its size was overcome, and the user has fallen in love with its compact design. The keyboard’s build quality is highly praised, with a solid backplate, textured back, and a customizable chrome dial.

The keys are dye-sublimated, providing a durable printing method. The RGB lighting, while not a preference for the user, is lauded for its tastefulness and subtle design. The rotary dial’s versatility, facilitated by the iCue configuration software, adds to the appeal of the keyboard. Connectivity options, including wireless dongle and Bluetooth support, make it easy to connect to a variety of devices, and the keyboard also offers flexibility for both Windows and Mac setups.

The keyboard’s typing experience is praised for its tactile response and excellent travel distance. Its inherent customizability, including the ability to replace switches, adds to its appeal. Overall, the Corsair K65 Plus Wireless Keyboard strikes a balance between a professional typing experience and the added features commonly found in gaming keyboards. It offers a resilient build, extensive customization options, and a remarkable typing feel, making it a worthy choice for those considering a 75 percent keyboard.

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