Cities: Skylines 2 Developer Acknowledges Hastening DLC Release, Postpones Bridges and Ports

Developer Colossal Order issued an apology letter to players, acknowledging that they rushed the release of the DLC. They expressed their commitment to addressing issues with the base game through free updates before focusing on paid DLC. The company expressed regret for letting down their players and emphasized their determination to improve.

As a result of the overwhelmingly negative response to Beach Properties, Colossal Order has decided to make the pack a free addition to the game, offer refunds where possible, and include additional content in the Ultimate Edition. They highlighted a shift in their approach, prioritizing free patches and updates for the base game over paid content. Colossal Order indicated that they are unable to confirm a release date for the changes, but assured that their focus on the base game will not impact the development of the console port, which is handled by a separate team.

They expressed hope for progress and outlined a tentative timeline for upcoming builds aimed at addressing issues and advancing towards a release candidate.

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