Super Mario RPG on Sale at Walmart

Super Mario RPG, released on Nintendo Switch five months ago, has had its price cut from $60 down to less than $45 at Walmart. This price reduction, a rare occurrence for Mario games on Switch, reflects a busy period for the Mushroom Kingdom, with several new game releases and remakes. These include the new 2D Mario game, Princess Peach: Showtime, Thousand-Year Door’s remake, and Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD. The remake of Super Mario RPG has been well-received and has already outsold the original by one million copies since its 2023 release.

The game is also on sale at GameStop for $44.99, but the lower-priced copies are pre-owned ones. As a remake of the original SNES game released in 1996, the Nintendo Switch version of Super Mario RPG offers new locations and characters for both younger fans and those familiar with the original. The discount underscores the rarity of price reductions for Mario games, as they tend to maintain high sales numbers for months or years, as seen with titles like Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The recent price cut at Walmart, down to $44.80, and at GameStop, highlights a rare opportunity for fans to pick up the highly regarded game at a reduced cost.

With its new features and updated graphics, the remake has brought new life to the classic title, making it an attractive option for both existing and new fans of the franchise.

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