Queue to Play Fallout: New Vegas on PS5 Grows Longer

The PlayStation 5 is the only platform experiencing queues to play Fallout: New Vegas, as Xbox users can download and play offline. The success of the Fallout TV show has led to increased interest in the games, particularly Fallout 4 and New Vegas.

Those wishing to play New Vegas on PlayStation 5 may encounter difficulties, as it is considered the worst port of the game and server overload can cause wait times. This issue was highlighted on the Fallout subreddit by user krazkiller14.

Playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas on PlayStation 5 requires a subscription to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium, unlike other platforms where the titles can be purchased outright. The PS3 port, especially the Ultimate Edition with DLC, is known for its poor performance.

While the wait times for New Vegas on PS5 do not appear excessive, the existence of queues has drawn criticism, especially considering that Xbox and PC users do not encounter this issue. Xbox players can access Fallout games through Game Pass or purchase them from the Xbox storefront, while PC users have various online outlets to buy New Vegas and can also mod the game.

The popularity of the Fallout show has led to increased activity on modding sites, causing crashes and ongoing issues. This resurgence in interest suggests that many are returning to the wasteland.

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