Kamitsuki Collection Transforms Trapinch into a Stapler

The new range of Pokemon merchandise from the Pokemon Company includes a variety of items, but the focus is on the Trapinch stapler, showcased by Meccha Japan. Despite the extensive catalog of over 1,000 Pokemon, the collaboration with Tiffany to release a solid gold Pikachu proves that there is no shortage of ideas for new merchandise. While the Tiffany Pikachu may be out of reach for most due to its high cost, the Trapinch stapler offers a more accessible option for Pokemon enthusiasts.

The upcoming Kamitsuki collection, featuring the Trapinch stapler, has been shared by Meccha Japan on social media. While initially exclusive to Japan, there is potential for a wider release if the products gain popularity, as seen with the giant Psyduck plush previously exclusive to the Japanese Pokemon Center. The Trapinch stapler has garnered significant attention on social media, despite the collection also including items such as a Fuecoco clip and a pencil case featuring other Pokemon like Totodile, Gible, and Greavard.

The selection of Pokemon in the collection may not appear to have a connection to stationary or each other, but it provides a refreshing change from the typical plush merchandise featuring popular Pokemon like Pikachu and the Kanto starters. The unique design of the Trapinch stapler sets it apart, offering something distinct from the more common merchandise options. As fans eagerly anticipate the potential worldwide release of the Trapinch stapler and other items from the collection, there is hope for more exciting announcements on Pokemon Day.

While the current Pokemon calendar may seem empty, there is optimism for future releases and continued support for the global availability of the Trapinch stapler.

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