Kingdom Hearts Fans Notice Horrifying Mistake in KH2’s Ending

I recently picked up an ambitious RPG crossover, which may have changed me forever. The game had charming details, especially in the first Kingdom Hearts, but not every secret in the series is a good one. I’m not referring to Birth by Sleep’s annoying Mysterious Figure fight.

I’m hinting at the animation error in Kingdom Hearts 2’s ending. In the scene, Riku swings Mickey around, and a closer look reveals that Riku’s thumb has some stretching powers, wrapping around Mickey’s waist, an apparent animation error that’s hard to unsee once spotted. Despite this, Kingdom Hearts 2 still has one of the best endings in gaming, better than KH3’s cliffhanger.

Many fans, including myself, had not noticed this detail for more than a decade. Sharing the horror with others feels satisfying.

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