Leaked Spoilers for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Already Surfacing Online

The leaks for the upcoming games Remake and Rebirth have caused quite a stir. According to reports, screenshots, video clips, and plot details have surfaced. While it’s uncertain whether these leaks are authentic, it’s advisable to avoid potential spoilers by muting relevant keywords and taking a break from social media.

Originating on 4chan, the leaks have rapidly spread. It remains unknown how these materials were obtained, leaving the possibility that some players may have gained early access to the game. The creative director expressed apprehension about the game’s ending, particularly the iconic death scene from the original Final Fantasy 7, which will be featured in Rebirth.

Speculation among fans centers on who will meet their demise, with various theories around characters such as Aerith, Cloud, Zack, and Tifa. The anticipation for Rebirth is high, with expectations of significant impact and a different experience from Remake. While official information confirms that characters Vincent and Sid won’t be part of battles in the upcoming game, the demo is available on PS5 for players to experience firsthand.

It’s clear that the developers prefer that players discover the game’s content for the first time in its intended form, rather than through leaks and unofficial sources.

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