Lego’s Limited Time Offer: Free Fruit Store and Aurora Sets Giveaway

Lego is offering free sets as a promotion for customers who make qualifying purchases on select products through their online store. Customers can receive a Fruit Store set for free with a purchase of $200 or more, available until April 25. Additionally, a purchase of $50 or more on select products will qualify for a free Animals & Aurora set, which is available until April 29.

Lego offers a wide range of products, allowing customers to spend as little or as much as they want on various sets, catering to different budgets and preferences. The promotion aims to provide added value to customers, especially for Lego collectors who may find the hobby to be expensive. The Lego Fruit Store set, typically retailing for $19.99, is comprised of 337 pieces and resembles a storefront when completed.

The interior of the set can also be explored, providing an engaging experience for collectors. On the other hand, the Animals & Aurora’s Forest Playground set is available for free with purchases of $50 or more from specific collections, including Lego Friends, Animal Crossing, Disney Princess, Creator 3in1, or DREAMZzz, until April 29. These promotions replace the previous Flower Trellis set offer and are part of Lego’s current initiatives, which also feature new Star Wars sets.

Notably, pre-ordering the TIE Interceptor set makes customers eligible to receive both the Fruit Store and Animals & Aurora sets for free.

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