Magic: The Gathering Plans Biannual Major Crossovers from 2025 Onward

Hasbro has confirmed that it will be incorporating huge crossovers into its ongoing strategy, aiming to maintain a regular release schedule. This decision came from CEO Chris Cocks during a conversation with Hasbro investors, as spotted by Dicebreaker. Two of the five Magic: The Gathering (MTG) sets released annually will be dedicated to these crossovers, following the success of the Lord of the Rings range.

This marks MTG’s venture into collectible trinkets, and the upcoming Final Fantasy and Marvel sets are expected to rival the popularity of the Lord of the Rings range. Cocks expressed confidence in the carrying power of these new brands and anticipated a similar uptick in growth as seen with the Lord of the Rings range. While the specifics of the 2025 crossovers have not been explicitly disclosed, it is evident that this move aims to attract significant attention.

It is clear that Hasbro is looking to release these sets more regularly in the future. The success of this new strategy remains to be seen.

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