Magic: The Gathering’s Commander Set “Fallout” Deemed the “Top Performer

Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks recently mentioned the sales performance of the Fallout Commander decks in a quarterly earnings call. Despite being on the market for only a month and a half, Cocks indicated that the set has shown promising sales, hinting at a positive trajectory as it gains more traction. The crossover of Magic: The Gathering with Fallout has created excitement, with additional Fallout Secret Lairs released at the start of the month as part of Magic: The Gathering’s Equinox 2024 Superdrop. The success of the Fallout Commander decks and the Lords of the Rings set from last year has spurred Hasbro’s interest in expanding the Universes Beyond line.

In the earnings call, Cocks also provided insights into the future Universes Beyond sets, projecting strong sales for 2025. The upcoming Marvel and Final Fantasy Universes Beyond sets are anticipated to perform well, with Cocks expecting them to match or even surpass the success of the Lord of the Rings set. He specifically highlighted the potential for the Final Fantasy set to outperform due to its popularity in the Japanese market. The positive reception of the Fallout set has bolstered Hasbro’s optimism, indicating a bright future for the Universes Beyond line within the Magic community.

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