Microtransactions Added to the Original Doom – a New Development in the Classic Game

The “Boston Stupid Sh*t No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon” takes a dystopian approach to the classic game Doom. During the event, which has been held at the MIT Museum in Cambridge since 2017, participants have the opportunity to develop “terrible, useless, [and] horrifying” apps or hardware within a tight timeframe. Guy Dupont, the mind behind the “I Made A Stupid Thing” award-winning idea, introduced a concept for Doom that freezes the game until a QR code is scanned and payment details are entered when walking up to a health or armor pack. This modification transforms the game into a treacherous venture that inflicts both virtual and financial damage.

Despite the bizarre nature of the event, all participants receive the “I Made A Stupid Thing” award to acknowledge their efforts. In this alternate version of Doom, players encounter a new obstacle in the form of scanned QR codes and payment details, adding a layer of complexity and absurdity to the classic game.

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