The Most Valuable Card in Magic: The Gathering is Now a $3 Million Black Lotus

A mint condition Black Lotus has become Magic: The Gathering’s most valuable card, breaking the record set by The One Ring last year. It’s been announced that a Black Lotus MTG card has sold for $3 million, making it the game’s most valuable card. The card’s buyer has confirmed the legitimacy of the transaction, despite doubts from some MTG fans about the company Certified Guaranty’s grading credentials. The sale of a mint condition Black Lotus for $3 million by Florida-based grading company Certified Guaranty (CGC) has shattered the previous record for the most valuable Magic: The Gathering card.

Some fans are cautious about the sale, as no Black Lotus had ever sold for over $1 million before. However, the buyer has expressed satisfaction with the purchase, believing that the price “feels right” for today’s market. With this sale, the title of “most valuable MTG card” no longer belongs to the single print variant of The One Ring, which was previously bought for $2 million by Post Malone. Despite doubts about CGC’s credentials, the Black Lotus sale has solidified its position as the king of the Magic: The Gathering collector’s market, with no other card expected to surpass its record anytime soon.

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