The Fallout Games Don’t Evoke the Same Emotions as the Show for Me

The Amazon’s Fallout series has left many viewers craving for more. It reminded the author of their favorite Fallout moments but failed to provide the same level of satisfaction. The Fallout games they played after watching the series didn’t hit the mark. Despite purchasing the entire franchise in a Steam sale, they didn’t find what they were looking for, even in the games they had previously enjoyed.

When trying Fallout 76, the author found the experience disappointing and felt that the game world was quiet and empty compared to the series. Even returning to Fallout 4, a game the author had previously enjoyed, didn’t evoke the same feelings as the series did. The author expressed a desire for the same level of unpredictability and newness that the Amazon series provided. The author found that the thrill of the Amazon series was derived from its ability to take decades of Fallout lore and present only the best parts, without the distractions of meaningless quests, which made it a reflection of a lifetime’s worth of Fallout memories.

They concluded that a new game might not be able to satisfy their Fallout craving and they might have to wait for the next season of the series for that same feeling of adventure and unpredictability.

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