Mini Poke Balls from Pokémon Now Sold on Amazon for $60

The Wand Company recently announced the upcoming release of miniature versions of its luxury Poke Ball replica collection. The initial reveal showcased five of the Poke Ball types, but did not disclose the cost of the replicas. The iconic red and white Poke Ball, synonymous with the Pokemon franchise, is currently available for purchase at $59.99 on Amazon. The mini Poke Ball will be made available through various retailers starting from February 23, while stocks last.

The mini Poke Ball replicas are designed to closely resemble their full-sized counterparts, with interactive features powered by batteries. The LED lights within the Poke Ball react to proximity and touch, glowing brighter and changing colors as the user interacts with it. Each miniature Poke Ball is uniquely numbered, and the silver plate accompanying it features a different Pokemon depending on the type of Poke Ball purchased. The models are designed to be as close to the real thing as possible, with attention to detail and interactivity.

The Great, Ultra, Premier, and Cherish Balls are also set to be added to the mini collection at a later date. If the mini replicas prove to be popular, it is hoped that The Wand Company will release miniature versions of all the Poke Balls available in their full-sized replica collection.

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