Time to Switch Up Your Main in Apex Legends Season 20

The tracker/hunter was by far the coolest Legend when the game launched. Pathfinder was a close second, but I was learning mouse and keyboard and couldn’t get the hang of his grapple.

I, like most people, had a brief fling with Loba when she was released, and still respect her abilities as a support Legend, especially in solo queue. But I fully switched mains when Fuse exploded onto the scene in Season 8 and didn’t look back.

While his abilities may seem juvenile to some – ‘splosions, and lots of ‘em – his tactical in particular is excellent for area control and managing exactly when teams push you and from which direction. Teams panic when they get hit with Fuse’s bombs, despite the fact that the damage is largely negligible.

It felt comforting, like reading a book that you enjoyed as a teenager and it being just as good as you remember. But I’m switching again in Season 20.

As well as the armour overhaul, Legends now have perks to choose from as they level up over the course of a match. This could be game-changing, especially for Legends like Lifeline and Mirage, whose abilities are a little lackluster but can be vastly improved by perks as you head towards victory.

I get it, you play Horizon and can’t do without her passive, or your Bangalore x Digital Threat combo pushes you up the ranked leaderboard. But it’s time to abandon ol’ reliable and try something new.

Dare I say it, it’s time to try something *fun*. I’m switching to Wattson.

I like playing support characters – Bloodhound’s scans help the team and Fuse is the most supportive offensive Legend in the game if used correctly – but I want a change from my regular Loba pick. Lifeline’s buff made her tempting, and Mirage’s revives are now some of the best in the game.

But I want to have fun. I tried Wattson for one ranked split a few seasons ago and, once you get used to placing her abilities quickly and effectively, she soon improved my game.

She’s perfect for resetting, creating space, and warding off third-parties. She can fortify a building or turn a simple rock into a solid defensive position.

She also counters some of the game’s most-used Legends. Bangalore hasn’t received many buffs this season, and the removal of Digital Threats from SMGs will hurt her, but she’ll still be highly played, at least initially.

I feel like Gibby may see a resurgence with his buffed revives or shotgun perks. She also blocks Fuse barrages and, as a recovering Fuse main, there’s nothing I hate more than facing a mirror match.

I’m not sure whether Wattson’s pylons block Conduit’s ultimate, but I’m going to find out. Something tells me that Season 19’s oppressive Legend will bypass Wattson’s usual defensive strategies, but at least she won’t be able to ‘nade me while I cower from her electrified wall.

Do you want unlimited decoys as Mirage? Try him out.

Want to set your wrecking ball on fire? Maggie’s your gal.

I could see Newcastle doing well with his new buffs, and someone’s got to play Ballistic. Want to try healing in Caustic’s Nox Gas?

You’re scum. Kidding!

Sort of. Respawn is changing things up in Season 20, so why don’t you too?

Everyone’s RP is set to zero at the start of the season, so let’s all have a fresh start with fresh Legends. Let’s try new things, find new synergies, and work out which Legends’ perks are completely broken.

But most of all, let’s have fun.

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