Mother 3’s Plush Set Available for Pre-Order, Shipping to US

Nintendo recently released an official set of Mother 3 plushes to mark the game’s availability on Nintendo Switch Online, which is currently limited to Japan. The plush set includes four characters from Mother 3: Lucas, Klaus, Kumatora, and Duster.

The set is sold as a complete package and not as individual items. Each plush is seven inches tall and accurately represents the characters from the Game Boy Advance game.

While this news is exciting, it is also somewhat disappointing for fans outside of Japan. Despite the availability of the plush set for international shipping, it highlights the fact that Nintendo has recognized the presence of Mother 3 fans globally but remains unwilling to release the game outside of Japan.

The plush set is priced at 11,000 yen ($71), which is relatively reasonable for high-quality merchandise. However, additional costs for international shipping will likely increase the overall expense.

With the uncertainty surrounding the official release of Mother 3 in the US or other regions, fans are left to wonder if they will ever have the opportunity to play a localized version of the game. While it seems unlikely at present, there remains a possibility for a wider release if there is enough demand and support from fans.

Purchasing the plush set serves as a way to demonstrate this demand and potentially influence Nintendo’s decision-making in the future. The first two games in the Mother series were released outside of Japan, showing that there is precedent for international distribution.

By expressing interest in the Mother 3 plush set and demonstrating support for the franchise, fans can continue to advocate for the release of Mother 3 beyond Japan.

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