MultiVersus Introduces Two New Combat Mechanics

The upcoming release of the game Player First will introduce two new mechanics to the gameplay. Firstly, every character will now have the ability to parry enemy attacks, allowing for quicker recovery and enabling their own attack to be executed first. This “high skill mechanic” aims to maintain a swift flow of combat in high-level matches.

Additionally, a new dash attack will be available for every character, which can be executed during the running animation or mid-combo by double-tapping a directional button or key. Player First has explained that the decision to make characters bigger in the game is to enhance player clarity. In the fast-paced and flashy title of MultiVersus, the larger character models are intended to improve readability, particularly when observing characters preparing for significant attacks.

Additionally, the game’s “dynamic camera” will provide better movement, offering players a clearer view of the action by zooming in during 1v1s and zooming out during wider combat. Each character will receive a specific set of new animations designed to improve clarity and make combat feel more visceral, an aspect that has been significantly improved during the game’s development.

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