GameStop’s Funko Pop Sale features Sonic and Invincible figures.

Celebrate the year of Shadow with GameStop’s sale on Funko Pops for its Pro Members. The sale includes more than 60 figures, such as Sonic’s Shadow and Super Shadow twin-pack, and the blood-spattered Omni-Man Pop!

from the Invincible series. GameStop’s Pro Members can now add a few of these Pops to their collection for less.

The Shadow and Super Shadow Funko Pops are part of a two-pack and come with transparent stands to create the illusion of levitation. Additionally, Invincible has also released its first Funko Pops featuring Mark, Eve, and Omni-Man, including a bloody variant of Omni-Man, all available at discounted prices for Pro Members.

For fans of Deadpool, GameStop offers a Deadpool Mystery Box containing two Funko Pops, a lanyard, and a set of buttons, providing a surprise assortment when opened. Other series such as Dragon Ball Z, Batman, and Star Wars are also included in the Funko sale.

While not part of GameStop’s sale, the first official Deadpool & Wolverine Funko Pops based on their upcoming MCU appearances are available for purchase. Lastly, Amazon presents the opportunity to buy a Deluxe Pop!

of Pokemon, recreating the moment of choosing the starter Pokemon, at a discounted price for a limited time.

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