Sand Land Game Removes PS6 And Dragon Quest 13 References

The Sand Land game stays faithful to the manga, but makes changes to a beloved easter egg. In the manga, Beelzebub receives a PS6 and a copy of Dragon Quest 13, but in the game, it’s a generic console due to copyright concerns. The game remains loyal to the original manga and introduces some changes, such as an earlier appearance of Ann. Producer Keishu Minami speaks about adapting the one-shot manga and expanding it.

Despite having conversations and moments from the manga, the game deviates from the source material in some instances. Rao offers Beelzebub a game console in the manga, mentioning it as a PlayStation 6 with Dragon Quest 13. Fans were curious about whether this reference would make it into the adaptations. However, the Sand Land game has changed the reference to a generic game console with games, due to copyright issues.

The anime and movie also adapted the reference differently, though they did hint at the Dragon Quest logo on one of the game disks.

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