Persona 3 Reload: Guía completa y paso a paso

Persona 3 Reload is a 2024 remake of the 2006 vanilla version of Persona 3, now the fourth version of the game. The goal of P3R is to modernize the PS2 classic and reintroduce one of the series’ darkest stories to the fanbase once again.

The game follows the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) as they strengthen their bonds and Personas to solve the mystery of powerful Shadows wreaking havoc on their manmade island home, Port Island. TheGamer’s coverage of Persona 3 Reload includes information on the game’s mechanics, daily life, school, general battles, and more.

Tartarus, the game-long dungeon, is broken up into different blocks with unique features, and the guide covers everything players need to know as they ascend Tartarus. The Full Moon brings super-tough Shadows that increase the mysterious Apathy Syndrome in Port Island, and the Persona 3 Reload guide provides coverage of each Full Moon boss battle with the Arcana Shadows.

The guide includes party recommendations, affinity charts, and helpful tips for each battle. Persona 3 Reload focuses on social links with fully-voiced, animated cutscenes for each ranking of all social links.

Guides feature tips on how to unlock and level up social links, along with information on conversation choices and their point values. TheGamer’s coverage of Persona 3 Reload includes reviews, previews, and features covering various aspects of the game, offering comprehensive insight into the remake.

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