How to Increase the Social Link Level with Nozomi in Persona 3 Reloaded

Persona 3 Reload has almost two dozen social links, making it tricky to decide who to spend time with. However, when one social link mentions the “Gourmet King” at Paulownia Mall, it piques curiosity. Nozomi Suemitsu is the man with a wealth of knowledge about every restaurant on Port Island. Here’s how to rank up your Moon social link with Nozomi in P3R.

To unlock the Moon social link with Nozomi Suemitsu, you’ll need to speak to Kenji Tomochika on 5/8. This triggers Nozomi appearing at Paulownia Mall. You’ll need to have Level Two Charm to get him to start speaking to you. You can head right over to meet him once he appears.

Nozomi will give you a quiz that you need to pass before the Moon social link begins. After answering the questions correctly, he’ll ask for an Odd Morsel, which you can find in chests around Tartarus. Once you’ve completed all this, you’ll begin the Moon social link. In Persona 3 Reload, you’ll find information for each rank of Nozomi’s social link, including dialogue and response options, as well as the points you’ll earn both with and without a matching Persona in your stock.

Be sure to bring a Persona of the Moon arcana each time you hang out with Nozomi in P3R to optimize your affinity gains and max your Moon social link faster. Completing Nozomi’s entire Moon social link will reward you with the Gourmet License, which you’ll need before you can fuse Sandalphon, the Ultimate Persona of the Moon arcana.

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