Persona 3 Reload: Weaknesses of Every Rare Shadow

In Persona 3 Reload, defeating Shadows offers EXP and loot. However, rare golden Shadow hands are tough to beat and drop better rewards.

It takes a NG+ run to complete the Compendium. Rare golden Shadows are found in each block of Tartarus and have unique affinities and stats.

When arriving at new floors in Tartarus, a brief cutaway reveals a golden hand, indicating the presence of a rare Shadow. These Shadows are marked on the map and flee upon sight, requiring quick action to initiate the battle.

It’s essential to act fast in battle as well, as there are only a few turns to defeat them before they escape. Rare golden Shadows often have support Shadows that debuff your team.

Exploiting their weaknesses and performing an All-Out Attack is a reliable way to defeat them and earn EXP and rare items. These items can be used for Elizabeth’s requests or sold at the Police Station for cash.

It’s also possible to increase the spawn rate of rare Shadows in Tartarus by purchasing the Rarity Fortune from the fortune teller. The guide provides information on all the rare golden Shadows encountered in P3R, including their spawn locations and notable affinities.

The document will be updated as new rare Shadows in Tartarus are encountered.

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