PlayStation Portal Available Now from PS Direct and Staying in Stock

The PlayStation Portal has been notoriously difficult to find since its launch in November 2023. Pre-orders sold out almost immediately, and stock has been quickly snatched up wherever it has appeared. However, the Portal has now been in stock at the source for over 12 hours, a significant improvement in availability.

Despite initial skepticism, the PlayStation Portal has been a success. It is a handheld companion to the PS5, featuring a 1080p resolution eight-inch LCD screen, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers, similar to the DualSense controller. It requires a connected PS5 to function and is suitable for playing PS5 games when the TV is in use or for gaming in bed.

The Portal has been sold at the standard price of $199.99, and its availability for more than 12 hours marks a new record. Those interested in purchasing it can now find the “add to cart” button live on the website. However, some may have reservations about the additional cost of accessories such as the Pulse Explore Earbuds and the upcoming Pulse Elite Headset, adding to the overall investment in the handheld gaming experience.

Overall, the improved availability of the PlayStation Portal presents a new opportunity for those looking to own this popular device, given its previous scarcity in the market.

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