Pre-order Returnal Fallen Asteria Comic now on Amazon.

Housemarque recently teased an upcoming announcement about Returnal, sparking anticipation among fans for a potential sequel or DLC to the popular game. However, the announcement was not for a sequel, but rather for a graphic novel called Returnal: Fallen Asteria. This novel, created in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics, is now available for pre-order along with The Art Of Returnal, both set to be released on October 22.

Returnal: Fallen Asteria, an 88-page graphic novel, follows the story of the game’s protagonist, Selene, after she crashes onto an alien planet. Despite its release being in the future, fans can already pre-order the novel for $19.99. The same goes for The Art Of Returnal, priced at $49.99.

Housemarque had hinted at the announcement earlier in the week, causing excitement among fans on the game’s third anniversary. Although the absence of a sequel or DLC may disappoint some, the graphic novel and art book offer new ways for fans to immerse themselves in the world of Returnal. The art book is expected to feature stunning visuals from the game, capturing its intense and visually striking moments.

While some may have hoped for a continuation of Returnal in video game form, Housemarque has suggested that their next project will be a new IP, possibly incorporating elements of Returnal but as a separate game. Despite the initial anticipation for a sequel or expansion, fans can still look forward to the upcoming graphic novel and art book as exciting additions to the Returnal universe.

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