Xbox Reportedly Hosting Call Of Duty Showcast on June 9

Xbox is preparing something major after its summer showcase, and it appears to be related to Call of Duty. The Xbox Games Showcase is scheduled for June 9, with reports indicating that a subsequent event will focus on Call of Duty. This is where the next installment in the series is expected to be revealed. The specific studio behind this has not been officially disclosed, but speculation points to Activision.

This aligns with Xbox’s announcement about a follow-up event, promising news on “the next instalment of a beloved franchise.” Following the announcement of the showcase, fans quickly speculated on the redacted word in the initial announcement. However, The Verge soon reported that the second broadcast will be centered on Call of Duty, which frees up more time in the main showcase. The main event is anticipated to provide release dates for Avowed and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, making it likely that these titles will receive substantial attention.

Xbox’s upcoming showcase would be the first to feature games from Activision Blizzard since the acquisition in October last year. Given this, it seems fitting that Xbox would choose to spotlight Activision’s flagship franchise. Similar to their approach following the acquisition of Bethesda, Xbox is expected to let the studio concentrate on its own games, with the showcase potentially confirming the focus on Call of Duty or leaving the details under wraps until the event. Regardless, the showcase promises to be packed with multiple major releases receiving new trailers and updates.

This could position Xbox to dominate in 2024 with a series of highly anticipated releases, especially as PlayStation and Nintendo are not expecting their significant releases until 2025.

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