Stellar Blade’s Fashion Is Meaningless Without Personality

Stellar Blade is a game with an interesting world and exceptional combat. However, the protagonist, Eve, lacks personality which detracts from the overall experience. The game does offer the option to customize Eve’s appearance from the beginning, with various outfits and accessories available.

Some of the outfits are well-executed, while others are more questionable, and ultimately, they do not compensate for Eve’s lack of personality. The game also provides customization options for other characters, but Eve’s options are limited compared to them. This lack of depth in character customization is a downside, as it prevents players from building a unique and engaging identity for Eve.

The lack of depth in character customization is highlighted by comparing Stellar Blade to other games like Dark Souls and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which offered more extensive and meaningful customization options. In those games, player customization played a significant role in creating a distinct personality for the character. In conclusion, while Stellar Blade allows for character customization, it fails to provide the depth needed to create a compelling and engaging identity for the protagonist, Eve.

Therefore, the customization options ultimately feel shallow and do not compensate for Eve’s lack of personality within the game’s narrative.

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