Reportedly Disney is working on a Kingdom Hearts series or movie.

DanielRPK, a reliable insider, recently indicated that a sequel to Sonic Frontiers is in development. Additionally, a Kingdom Hearts series for Disney Plus was mentioned as being in development dating back to 2020.

It is uncertain whether this project will be a series or a movie, but it appears that progress is being made. Interestingly, there have been previous rumors about Disney creating a TV series or movie adaptation of Kingdom Hearts.

Reports at the time indicated that the series would be CG animated and in the casting stage. It is unclear whether the direction has changed or if the current rumor pertains to a different project entirely.

The prevailing expectation is that the adaptation will be CG animated, albeit likely modified and refined since the original report four years ago. With no further updates on the series since then, it appears feasible that the recent mention refers to the ongoing development of some form of adaptation.

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