Stardew Valley Fans Boycotting Game Due to Concerns About ConcernedApe’s Lack of Response on Transphobia

LGBTQ+ players have been subjected to abuse from others in the community in response to a situation involving ConcernedApe. Despite the lack of comment from ConcernedApe, some are calling for a boycott, while others have resorted to harassing LGBTQ+ players and content creators. This has resulted in Twitch chats being spammed with abuse and YouTubers such as Keemstar Show ex-producer ChrisTheNarc tweeting about the calls for pronouns being an “insane take.” Additionally, some individuals have been misgendering people within the community directly in their replies.

Consequently, the simple act of adding pronouns has become a contentious issue, prompting many to tag Barone online and request him to denounce the transphobia and harassment occurring within the community. However, Barone has also not responded to these requests, leading some Stardew fans to call for a boycott. The situation has elicited emotions from one fan who expressed, “It truly breaks my heart to see the amount of people that are getting hurt from the situation.” On a different note, players are encouraged to embark on adventures, meet new friends, engage in romances with villagers, and explore deep caves to gather materials needed for crafting, building, and growing.

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