Walmart sells Nintendo Switch Super Mario Party Joy-Con Bundle for $79

Nintendo’s Super Mario Party Joy-Con bundle is currently on sale at Walmart for $79. This price reduction effectively means you are receiving a copy of Super Mario Party for free with your purchase. This deal may not be visible on the store page, but it should be reflected in your cart after adding the bundle.

It’s a significant discount from the bundle’s regular price of $99.99, making it an attractive offer. The bundle includes a set of new Joy-Con, which is particularly ideal for multiplayer games like Super Mario Party. With the game typically priced at $60, even at $100, the bundle remains a valuable deal.

The ongoing success of the Nintendo Switch and its accessories means that price reductions are not frequent. Therefore, taking advantage of such deals when they arise is advisable. As the gaming community anticipates Nintendo’s next console, potential compatibility with the existing Joy-Con and games is a hopeful prospect.

If materialized, the current Joy-Con bundle deal at Walmart could prove even more valuable. This bundle is an appealing option for those in need of extra controllers, offering both convenience and cost-efficiency. It presents an excellent opportunity to acquire the game and additional Joy-Con at a reduced price.

Looking ahead, as Nintendo’s new console becomes a reality, we may see further discounts on products like this Joy-Con bundle. As of now, the details regarding the new console and its compatibility remain uncertain.

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