Rewrite: Monopoly Go removes all chip drops, rewards, and milestones.

Monopoly Go is a mobile-based board game that allows you to own properties and construct cities, enabling you to collect rent from your friends. To keep players engaged, developers incorporate in-game events and tournaments, occasionally introducing minigames or partner events.

Monopoly Go now features a competitive edge with the inclusion of tournaments and the return of the Peg-E minigame, offering an array of exciting new rewards. Notably, a Wild Sticker is among the rewards, presenting an excellent opportunity to complete sticker sets before the conclusion of the sticker album in a month.

Updated as of March 24, 2024, the Peg-E Prize Drop was reintroduced on March 23, 2024, and will be active for 4 Days, featuring different rewards for each milestone. The gameplay mechanics of the Prize Drop remain consistent, with Peg-E Tokens serving as the currency for participation.

To access the minigame, click on the Peg-E icon on the right of the main menu. Players also have the option to play with a multiplier, similar to the Dice multiplier feature.

In the game, select one of the five red arrows to guide the token’s drop into the slots below. Accumulating hits on the bumper increases chances of receiving the displayed reward.

Pay attention to the milestone progress, as completing the bar will earn additional rewards. For those curious about the details, here is a look at all the rewards and milestones of the Peg-E Prize Drop minigame.

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