RKGK Preview – 2024’s Response To Hi-Fi Rush

In this preview of a different game, I express my admiration for Hi-Fi Rush because the new game, RKGK, gives me similar vibes. RKGK is the first game from Mexico City indie studio Wabisabi Games, in collaboration with Gearbox Publishing and Riot Games’ Underrepresented Founders program.

The game, announced at the Triple-i Initiative, caught my attention with its vibes and style, despite the initial reveal trailer not showing actual gameplay. The name RKGK comes from the Japanese word “rakugaki,” which means doodles and sketches.

RKGK sets the stage in a world devoid of free thought, and as the player, you control Valah, a graffiti artist member of RKGK. She aims to bring color back to the world through her artistic skills in a mission to restore free thought and self-expression.

Although I only played through three levels in my preview, I found the interactions between Valah and the RKGK crew to be charming, displaying hints of deeper themes that I look forward to uncovering. The game’s eye-popping art style, influenced by graffiti and urban art and inspired by anime like Dragon Ball Z, captivated me.

The visuals not only serve as eye candy but also directly impact gameplay. Valah’s platforming skills, combined with the use of spray paint cans for graffiti, provide a satisfying gaming experience.

As Valah progresses through levels, her actions contribute to activating Defacer Mode, which elevates the gameplay to faster and time-trial-esque challenges. While I appreciate the game’s mechanics and art style, I found RKGK to be relatively easy during my preview, with enemies posing little threat and fast-paced sequences being quite manageable.

However, these concerns do not diminish my anticipation for this game, and I eagerly await its release in 2024.

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