Spider-Man 2 Leak Uncovers First Glimpse of Potential DLC Villain The Beetle

A leaked piece of concept art has provided information about an upcoming DLC character for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, hinting at the introduction of The Beetle as a new villain. This adds to rumors that Janet Lincoln will be portraying The Beetle in the game. It is noteworthy that Janet Lincoln is the daughter of Tombstone, who has given up a life of crime, and it will be interesting to see the potential interaction between the two characters in the game. After the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, attention has turned to the possibility of DLC, given that the original game included story expansions.

The likelihood of DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is high, with new details about potential DLC, including various mission types and story scenes related to “Beetle,” being revealed due to a leak that occurred last year. The leaked concept art, shared on Reddit, offers a potential look at The Beetle in the game, indicating that Insomniac plans to introduce this relatively obscure villain as DLC. The choice to have Janet Lincoln take on the role of The Beetle adds depth to the character, especially considering her connection to Tombstone. It is possible that this DLC may provide an opportunity for Insomniac to further develop the character of Tombstone, who is attempting to live a normal life in the game.

The potential for a storyline featuring Miles teaming up with Tombstone to prevent his daughter from following a criminal path is also a point of speculation. As of now, the timing of the official announcement for The Beetle in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 remains uncertain.

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