Starfield Introduces Mechs, Farming, and More with “DLC-Sized” Mod

Starfield fans have been eagerly awaiting new content while anticipating the upcoming Shattered Space DLC. In the meantime, modder Tank-girl444 has stepped in with TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse.

This “DLC-sized” mod not only introduces mechs but also adds new building and farming mechanics for players to create their dream outpost. The lack of news about the Shattered Space DLC has left some Starfield fans in limbo, with only small updates to tide them over.

Fortunately, modders like Tank-girl444 have been creating content to keep players engaged while waiting. Tank-girl444 dedicated a month to developing this mod, which introduces a variety of mechs and new building mechanics.

The mod also includes an entire farming system, with over 40 new farmable plants and production items that players can create, consume, and sell. Additionally, the Bio Domes allow players to transplant biomes from one planet to another, enabling farming on barren planets.

With this mod, players can transform their outposts into bustling cities or villages, complete with visiting ships, NPCs, and the ability to build turrets and have mechs patrol the base for defense. Tank-girl444 has plans to expand this mod further, but has released it in its current state to gather feedback and promote its usage.

Tank-girl444 has successfully sparked interest with this extensive mod, providing a much-needed source of new content for Starfield fans.

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