Star Wars Fans’ Hatred for Star Wars is Unprecedented

The text provided discusses reactions to a new show, “The Acolyte,” and the diverse perspectives viewers have regarding the show’s themes and content. The initial remarks on the show prompt viewers who are disinterested to simply avoid watching it and, if so inclined, to cancel their Disney+ subscriptions. Additionally, it highlights the normalcy of expressing both positive and negative feedback on elements of the show such as its setting and visual effects, emphasizing that such criticisms are valid when engaging with a series.

The text also presents contrasting opinions on social media regarding the show. It refers to critics who express displeasure by invoking the legacy of “Star Wars” creator George Lucas and suggesting that the show incorporates liberal propaganda. Conversely, there are comments from individuals who find the show appealing and express eagerness to watch it.

Furthermore, the text provides contextual information about the show’s representation of queer characters and themes, noting that while there are characters who happen to be queer, the reviews of the first four episodes do not indicate queerness as a central theme. The text humorously dismisses the idea of a show being defined as “queer” solely based on the presence of a few queer characters, while also pointing out that key people involved in the production of the show are themselves members of the LGBTQ+ community. The text concludes by addressing the critique of the show as being linked to Marxist themes and the argument about the Jedi being portrayed as “cisgender white oppressors.”

It challenges these perspectives and suggests that some fans habitually critique the Star Wars franchise, urging them to express their dissatisfaction through actions such as canceling their Disney+ subscriptions while emphasizing the need to maintain normalcy in critique. Finally, it humorously downplays the depth of the show, characterizing it as simply being about “space monks.”

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